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I help burnt-out professionals feel young again!  You CAN reclaim your energy, vibrance and mental wellbeing. We'll co-create a personalized nutrition, supplement, and lifestyle protocol that nourishes and detoxifies. Because when you feel amazing, life gets a little less dreary and a lot more fun. 🌞


At Mea, our philosophy is simple— align the mind & body, and the rest falls place. It's not about willpower. It's about working with your body, not against it.

Mea Nutrition goes way beyond food and numbers. Its core tenant is based around transformation, leaving behind the person you once were, and becoming reborn as a new version of yourself. Nutrition lays the foundation for massive growth and change. As such, our program connects health behaviors with the power of the mind, helping you tap into your subconsciousness, master your mind-body connection, and take ultimate responsibility for your evolution. It’s about freedom. So let’s leave behind the shackles of extrinsic motivation, and tune inward, together.


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Here's how we can work together —


Intro Case Review

The best way to start. During this 60-90 minute session, I'll gather information to get a holistic understanding of you and your background. You'll tell me about  your point A (the place you're stuck in right now), and your point B (your goal). I'll help you bridge the gap by reverse engineering a strategy to help you achieve your goal. The result? Massive clarity and a sense of direction.

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Functional Lab Testing

Start here if you want to uncover potential root causes of symptoms such as fatigue, gut issues, and mood irregularities and receive personalized protocols. I utilize functional labs, which are not typically available in traditional medical settings.  Please schedule an introductory case review first if you are interested in this option so I can assess which labs fit your needs.

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1:1 Coaching with Isa

A comprehensive 3-6 month experience where I guide you step by step with nutrition protocols, supplementation, and lifestyle modifications. We'll map out a blueprint to achieve your goals in the shortest timeframe possible with systems, accountability, resources, and unlimited support. Please fill out the application below if you are interested in working together.

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You don't feel like yourself.

— You have mood symptoms such as depression, anxiety and brain fog.

— You have nagging cravings for foods that make you feel worse.

— You feel tired, bloated, imbalanced, and chronically stressed.

You're ready for a change.

— You know now is the time to take charge of your health and longevity.

— You're ready to get out of your rut and feel alive again.

— You want a holistic approach that incorporates the power of the mind.

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See what previous clients have to say —

Before I began working with Isa, I felt very lost. I was in a place where I felt so overwhelmed and caught up in my binging and bad habits, I couldn’t really picture a reality without them. I reached out to Isa hoping for some direction, a listener and a level-headed, scientific approach to what I was struggling with. She was all that and more! The whole time working with her was amazing. She provided me with all the tools I needed to feel more in control of my life again. Thanks to her guidance and confidence in me, I’ve completely stopped binging. She didn’t mind going over things again and again if I needed her to; she was constantly and consistently there for me throughout my wins and my lower moments. Her support, information and caring manner are so valuable. I now feel able to achieve my goals! Thank you for everything, Isa!

— Jenna C.

“My experience with Isa was truly a transformational one. Bending the rules of what I thought dieting was about, Isa helped ingrain new habits and routines that have made a big impact on how I feel and function on a daily basis. She showed me how I can be flexible and still enjoy food items I love through finding areas of my diet to change/curb so I can make it all fit. She was professional, on time, committed, personable and a breeze to work with. Highly recommend this course to anyone looking to make impactful changes to their nutrition regiment or looking to fine tune their body to become even more healthy.

— Rob G.

Isa was fantastic in providing initial outreach to establish a time for a thorough conversation concerning my dietary planning and concerns. Her thoughtfulness, attention to detail, and ability to listen helped in my efforts to build a meal plan that meshed with my high level of fitness and nutritional needs. Additionally, her weekly check-in sessions were genuinely useful. She tweaked my plan to cater to an early morning fitness routine and longer work-day. Her ability to relate as a veteran was extra appealing as she was able to understand the desire for regimentation with flexibility based on extenuating circumstances given my lifestyle.

— Alex B.

I will be forever thankful for finding Isa. I was looking for a functional nutritionist to help me with my gut distress and weight loss. What Isa provided was that, and so much more. She helped me learn to trust my body and listen to its cues. She helped me learn that my body is a complex system that is influenced by many factors in addition to food. We worked on exercise, sleep, hydration, stress management, mindset, mindfulness and nutrition. I was able to establish a trusting relationship with her and I know that she always had my best interest in mind. After our work together I have established many systems and processes that I will be able to utilize for the rest of my life to sustain the balance that she has helped me achieve in my health and lifestyle.

— Beka A.

Working with Isa is nothing like trying to follow a rigid diet plan. Isa helps you to envision a life where you have healed, healthy, and joyful relationship with food— free from feelings of restriction and deprivation. She serves as a coach, friend, and cheerleader as you pursue the path towards this new lifestyle— from creating food plans, educating you on healthy habits, or simply sending on words of empathy and encouragement. Working with her has been a great pleasure and has given me a new hope. She is deeply compassionate, committed, and thoughtful. I would recommend her to anyone who feels discouraged with their relationship with food and could use support in their journey toward healing.

— Catherine G.

When I first started working with Isa, I was in a chronic state of extreme pain and inflammation. I wasn’t sleeping, I was carrying 30 pounds of extra weight, and I was sad and anxious. I had seen many medical doctors who had nothing to offer me but medication and surgeries. I had already been down those paths and wanted to find a different way to try to find healing. Within our first session, Isa helped me determine some easy and effective dietary and lifestyle changes that I could make right away to bring some immediate relief. Isa is extremely empathetic, and not only did she help me shift things in my diet, but she recommended helpful protocols that also helped with stress levels, and anxiety. My work with Isa jump-started a journey for me that ultimately has led me to being almost pain-free, sleeping better, 30 pounds lighter, and feeling grateful and optimistic. If you are struggling with any of these same things, I highly recommend reaching out to her to help you on your journey!

— Cynthia W.

While speaking with Isa it became clear to me that what I wanted for my healthy lifestyle was totally achievable. She guided me through what I have learned over the years that still holds true while educating me on the pieces of nutrition and health for life that needed some updating. Isa was kind and generous to point out where my mind may be getting in the way of what my body needs. That it is a combination of internal healthfulness and external. Too many times I’ve come across a nutritionist who seemingly applied the same practices to every body, whereas Isa took the time to understand me as a person, as an eater, as an athlete, and as a business woman. Combining all of my life inputs and outputs to create a suggested healthy lifestyle customized for me and my world. Thank you Isa! I will be telling everyone how good your services are for years to come. 

— Keisha N.

From our first call, I already felt heard and deeply understood by Isa. I love her systematic and thoughtful approach to nutrition coaching. I’ve been in therapy for years but I really wanted to dial in and fine tune my relationship with food. I have a history of an eating disorder and she was very mindful to put in place tools that would help to create lasting change in my thought patterns. Toeing the line with eating disorders to create balance without obsessing over balance is difficult but every session we reinforced the why behind our work. I feel endlessly lighter, not only in my body but in spirit since working with Isa! I am so grateful for our check ins. I feel much more connected to my body and in only a few sessions over the course of 2 months, I feel like we’ve done more work than I have in the last year. I feel equipped to continue this healing journey with concrete steps. Thank you Isa!

— Bella L.

I lead a very busy lifestyle and have always hated to cook. As I have gotten older I began to notice that my diet which was heavy in processed foods was beginning to impact my mental and physical health. I became less focused, more susceptible to anxiety and less physically active. Isa devised an incredibly simple and straightforward strategy for incorporating more fruits and vegetables throughout the day with easy to make smoothie ideas. It has been life changing. It has been an easy habit to incorporate and I began seeing results fast. I have better focus and am making better lifestyle decisions as a result. She focused on my behavior and lifestyle in recommending a path forward, rather than just telling me to eat more broccoli. If I can make a change like this and stick to it, anyone can. I can’t say enough about how helpful Isa is, and how effective her approach is.

— Joe C.

Isa is amazing at helping you take steps to reach your optimum health. She does not just give you a one size fits all program, she really listens to where you are and what is and is not working for you. Then she draws upon her detective mindset to uncover the blocks that may be in your way. Then she uses deep health knowledge to work with you to find a solution that feels right to you.

— Melissa H.

I learned how to be more conscious of how I eat and when I choose to eat unhealthy. I learned that a little bit better is better than nothing at all. Isa helped me realize that I will get closer to my goal of being healthier if I add a few healthy things into my day little by little instead of just eating badly or not exercising because I can’t be perfect. The little changes I have made to my diet have been great. I feel much better about my self.

— Keiwa S.

Isa is wonderful! She spent the time to really help my daughter with her meal plan by offering snack ideas as well as helping her with ideas on how to increase food consumption. My daughter really likes Isa and we highly recommend her and would return if needed. Isa is very professional, very thorough and truly cares about her clientele.

— Karen V.

Isa was able to help me identify pain points revolving around my mindset on health and food. She listened and supported me in finding wise ways to use my energy and set boundaries. If you are willing have someone assist you in addressing key issues around your health and wellbeing, and to be held accountable, Isa is your woman! Invest in yourself!

— Traci R.