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Hi, I'm Isa a Navy Vet, Functional Registered Dietitian, health consultant, and the founder of Mea Nutrition, a company that helps burnt out professionals use food as medicine and the power of the mind to reclaim their mental health. My goal is to help you achieve your best quality of life by working with your body, not against it.

I work with clients 1:1 or through my original Mind-Body Nutrition Program. I use a combination of nutrition, lab testing and personalized supplementation to facilitate improved gut health, mental health, and detoxification in a fixed timeframe. The result? A new you, sooner rather than later.

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I help stressed high performers renew and detoxify their mind, body and spirit. 



After serving over ten years active duty in the military, losing my veteran brother to suicide, battling depression and anxiety, and helping hundreds of veterans & professionals with gut issues, low energy, and mood disorders, I created a step by step framework to help you feel your very best.


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Is this you?


— You have poured SO much into your career(s) and obligations while your health has taken a back seat.


— You need help creating structures and systems around nutrition and self-care.


— You want a sustainable, longterm solution instead of another fad diet or dogma.


— You want to reinvent yourself but some mindset challenges are getting in the way.


— You feel weathered from accumulated stress and toxins and want to start fresh.


— You value freedom and inner peace. Because that's really what matters at the end of the day, right?


— You know you're making choices you're not proud, but you need help getting out of this rut.



You're in luck— and you deserve a body & mind at ease.


The Mea Method strategically approaches nutrition with the following pillars in mind: gut health, detoxification, anti-inflammatory nutrition, mental wellbeing, sleep, and muscle-building movement. 

I don't want you to just have a one-off transformation. I want to help you build systems and strategies so that health behaviors are not overwhelming decision trees and check boxes. Instead, it's an auto-pilot system that flows with your body's existing mechanics.


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My work with Isa jump-started a journey for me that ultimately has led me to being almost pain-free, sleeping better, 30 pounds lighter, and feeling grateful and optimistic.



Toeing the line with eating disorders to create balance without obsessing over balance is difficult but every session we reinforced the why behind our work. I feel endlessly lighter, not only in my body but in spirit since working with Isa!

Bending the rules of what I thought dieting was about, Isa helped ingrain new habits and routines that have made a big impact on how I feel and function on a daily basis.


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